Do You Feel Like We Do guitar?

Do You Feel Like We Do guitar?

Peter FramptonDo You Feel like We Do / guitaristPeter Kenneth Frampton is an English and American rock musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. He was previously associated with the bands Humble Pie and the Herd. Wikipedia

What song does Peter Frampton make his guitar talk?

Show Me The Way
Peter Frampton “Show Me The Way” I was just learning to play guitar when this song was a hit and at the time I couldn’t figure out how Peter Frampton made his guitar make that noise.

Do you feel like I do Peter Frampton talking guitar?

Frampton famously was able to allow his guitar to play decipherable words and sentences, like “Do you feel like I do?” But even some of his fans are unaware of what’s really behind this nifty gimmick. Rather, a clever device called the talk box allows Frampton to serenade his audience though his guitar.

What acoustic guitar does Peter Frampton play?

Even if you’re not a fan of his music, you’re probably familiar with Peter Frampton’s Gibson Les Paul, “Phenix.” It’s the “Frampton Comes Alive!” guitar; the one that he plays on the album, and the one that he’s photographed with on the cover.

Do You Feel Like We Do key?

The legendary closing track on Frampton Comes Alive!, “Do You Feel Like We Do,” features an extended open-jam section in the key of D minor during which Frampton gets to stretch out and solo at length.

Did Peter Frampton invent the talk box?

Frampton acquired one as a Christmas present from Bob Heil in 1974. It was a hand-built talk box in a fiberglass box using a 100-watt high-powered driver. This was the Heil talk box used for the Frampton Comes Alive tour and album.

Who had the talking guitar?

The talk box, like the electric guitar, had been around in various experimental incarnations before Peter Frampton got his hands on one. Like a synthesizer, it combines a sound with a modulation source.

What guitarist makes his guitar talk?

Here’s How. A version of this piece orginally appeared on The Week. Jimi Hendrix making his guitar “talk.”

What guitars does Peter Frampton play?

Gibson ES-335 Block Inlay Electric Guitar Peter Frampton plays a Gibson ES-335 guitar. “This just happens to be one of those, you know, you can have three of the same [guitar] lined up, same year, same month, whatever, there will just be one that’s streaks above the others,” he said at (4:56).

What guitars did Peter Frampton play?

Frampton’s Dream Guitar, Recovered Decades Later The custom Les Paul that Peter Frampton wielded in his heyday — the one on the cover of Frampton Comes Alive!

How old is Peter Frampton today?

71 years (April 22, 1950)Peter Frampton / Age