Did Hazel-E and Masika fight?

Did Hazel-E and Masika fight?

Hazel and Masika’s feud continues. “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E took their feud to “The Conversation.” And the Zeus Network production went left fast. Interestingly enough, things would really escalate after Hazel insinuated that Masika wasn’t being a good role model for her daughter.

Did Masika and Yung Berg date?

He dated Masika Kalysha Tucker in 2014. The rapper dated Masika while both co-starred on the reality show, but it was far from smooth. After a night of partying in 2014, Masika called 911 and reported an assault.

When did Yung Berg hit Masika?

This comes after he was previously let go from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood following an arrest for allegedly physically assaulting his co-star and then-girlfriend, Masika Tucker, in 2014, per E! News.

What did Hazel-E say about Masikas child?

Hazel did irreparable damage to the relationship by making negative comments about Masika’s daughter. Things do not go as planned, however, as Hazel-E insinuates that Masika is not a good role model for her daughter.

Why did Hazel-E and Masika fight?

Masika and Hazel-E used to be cool That changed in later seasons of the show (i.e. seasons 3 and 4) when there was an ongoing battle between them that stemmed from several conflicts/betrayals involving Yung Berg, Fetty Wap, and something about Masika’s daughter.

Was Hazel-E pregnant during the conversation?

Eventually, Masika responds by taking a shot at Hazel’s body, claiming she didn’t know she was still pregnant. Masika responds with, “that’s what you did in Dubai.” They both continue to take shots at each other and things escalate when Hazel sarcastically says Masika’s daughter has so much to look up to.

Who is Masika daughter?

Khari Barbie MaxwellMasika Kalysha / Daughter
In 2013, Kalysha made her first reality television appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She did not appear in season 2, but returned for season 3, which chronicled the birth of her daughter, Khari Barbie Maxwell, and her subsequent co-parenting with Fetty Wap.

What happened to Berg from Love and Hip Hop?

She was eventually diagnosed with a “closed head injury, closed fracture of nasal bone, and facial lacerations.” One part of her face required recieved “several stitches” and even the hospital records show the injuries stemmed from an “assault.”

Did Berg abuse Masika?

Tucker told police that Berg grabbed her by her neck, threw her to the ground, dragged her by the hair, and punched her in the face. Tucker said she was in pain but refused treatment at the scene or at a medical center. VH1 fired Berg after being notified of the incident.

Why did Berg leave Love and Hip Hop?

Rapper and reality TV star Yung Berg has been fired from the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood after being arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Why is Hazel-E and Masika beefing?

Did Hazel-E get married?

On being married to De’Von On Oct. 6, Hazel-E (real name Arica Adams) and De’Von Waller will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. That’s right, they tied the knot in 2019 and the two are still in newlywed bliss.