Can you ship fruit to California?

Can you ship fruit to California?

Shipping or mailing most fresh fruits and vegetables from Hawaii to the continental United States is prohibited due to the risk of introducing certain invasive plant pests and diseases.

Can I ship apples?

Hard-skinned fruits such as apples, pears, grapefruits, lemons, oranges, cherries and apricots work best for shipping as they tend to bruise less. Soft fruits such as peaches and plums can be sent, though extra packaging care must be taken.

Can you send fruit via USPS?

*Fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, and other articles that easily decompose or that cannot reasonably be expected to reach their destination without spoiling are nonmailable.

Can you take fruit across the California border?

Make sure fruits, vegetables and plants meet quarantine requirements before shipping or transporting them. Declare all fruits, vegetable and plants for inspection when you arrive at the border station.

Why does California border ask about fruit?

California is an agricultural state. It cannot afford to allow fruit in from another state or country due to the possibility that some pest may get in. If you drive into California, you will be asked if you have any fruit and if you do, what kind. If it’s on the list, it will be confiscated.

How are apples shipped?

Most apples are shipped in fiberboard boxes, loose-packed, on molded trays, or in polyethylene bags. To help protect a shipment from extreme weather situations, boxes should be stacked tightly together, in an offset pattern to reduce contact with floors and walls.

Can I ship apples to Arizona?

“Apples can be shipped to California, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, but only if the fruit comes from an orchard that has been certified by MDA.” If the parcel contains fruit, the package will be intercepted.

Can you send apples USPS?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are nonmailable unless presented in a dry (not dried) condition. Other perishable foods that are capable of easily decomposing or that cannot reach their destination without spoiling are nonmailable.

Can I mail oranges from California?

Fresh oranges make a delicious and healthy gift or memento from a sunny vacation. Fruit can be shipped within the United States through the United States Postal Service or other shippers that provide package-delivery services.

Why does California ask if you have fruit?

California grows most of the nation’s fruits and vegetables so the California depth of Agriculture has a duty to protect the farms and orchards. Outside produce can carry insects or diseases that could potentially infect our fields and orchards.

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