Can you listen to F1 on the radio?

Can you listen to F1 on the radio?

BBC Radio 5 live – 5 Live Formula 1.

Where can I listen to Formula 1?

Formula 1

  • BBC Radio 5 live. 5 Live Drive.
  • Sky Sports Radio. Sky Racing Simulcast.
  • Radio Le Mans. The original motorsport radio, 24/7, no music, just sport.

What station is BBC Radio 5 Live?


Radio 1 97-99 FM
Radio 2 88-91 FM
Radio 3 90-93 FM
Radio 4 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) For Long Wave and Medium Wave frequencies, see below.
Radio 5 Live 909/693 MW

Is F1 on ITV?

ITV gained the rights for Formula One coverage for 1997 in late 1995 from the BBC and focused on more in-depth coverage, conducting more interviews and gaining access to better camera angles. However, on 21 December 2015 it was announced that Channel 4 would broadcast F1 alongside Sky.

What channels is F1 on UK?

Now their winner-takes-all battle will be shown live on Channel 4, as well as on Sky Sports, which hosts all F1 races through its subscription services, having reportedly paid over £1bn for a five-year deal back in 2019.

What channel is Radio 1 on Freeview?

Freeview channel numbers

BBC TV and Radio channel numbers on Freeview
700 BBC Radio 1 PSB1
701 BBC Radio 1 Xtra PSB1
702 BBC Radio 2 PSB1
703 BBC Radio 3 PSB1

How can I listen to BBC Radio 5 Live in Ireland?

How do I use BBC Sounds if I live outside the UK?

  1. You can use BBC Sounds by visiting or by installing the BBC Sounds app.
  2. The BBC Sounds app is available on devices running Amazon Fire 5, Android 5 or iOS 11.3 and above.
  3. Yes, to use the BBC Sounds app you’ll need to log in with a BBC account.

Where do I watch Formula 1?

Access all 11 Sky Sports channels,including Sky Sports F1

  • Enjoy bonus streams with on-board camera angles on some devices with a Month Membership
  • Watch on over 60 devices including your TV,mobile and desktop
  • One day or monthly membership with no contract
  • When is the next Formula 1 race?

    You have adrenaline all over the place from fleet race #1 to end with a meaningless 3 boat parade. F1 World Championships are defined by points too, no need to have 3 cars for people to understand the race and who will take the Cup. Nonsense having these final races, and hopefully Coutts will change this. On the rest, Sail GP is F1 on the Water.

    What is Formula 1 practice?

    European Grand Prix at Valencia Street Circuit (2008; discontinued after 2012)

  • United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas (2012–present)
  • Austrian Grand Prix at Red Bull Ring (2014–present)
  • Mexican Grand Prix at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez (2015–present; will be renamed Mexico City Grand Prix starting from 2021)
  • What is Formula 1?

    History. The first Formula 1 races took place in 1950,with a driver’s world championship being held for the first time that same year.

  • Playing Surface. Formula 1 races take place on asphalt tracks.
  • Equipment.
  • Gameplay.
  • Grand Prix Weekend.
  • Rules and Regulations.
  • Referees and Officials.
  • Lingo and Terminology.
  • Skills and Techniques.
  • Formula 1 Coaching.