Are Toronto Public Library cards free?

Are Toronto Public Library cards free?

If you are an adult or teen (13+) living in Toronto and you do not have an existing Toronto Public Library card, you can register online for a free Digital Access Card. If you do not live in Toronto but work, go to school, or own property in Toronto, you are not eligible for a Digital Access Card at this time.

How much does a Toronto library card cost?

You can register in person at any branch with the required identification. The fee for non-residents is $30.00 for 3 months or $120.00 for 12 months. When the 3 or 12 months is over and you would like to renew your card, you must do so in person at any branch.

How do I get a replacement Toronto Public Library card?

On the My Memberships page click Active to the right of the Toronto Public Library membership. Enter your new library card number and click Save. If you are an OverDrive user and you report your card lost, you will not be able to sign in to OverDrive until your old card is found or a new card is issued.

Who can use the Toronto Public Library?

Adult, Adult under 25 and Teen customers who are eligible (Section 1.1) and who do not have a Toronto Public Library membership can register for an ecard on the Toronto Public Library’s website. Ecards provide access to all of the Library’s digital services, except those limited to in-branch use.

Can I get a Toronto library card if I live in Mississauga?

Library cards are free if you’re a resident, go to school, work or own property in Mississauga.

Do library cards ever expire?

Library cards automatically renew on their due date, so long as there is recent activity on your account. Just be sure to borrow either a physical loan or one of our digital items (like an e-book from Overdrive) before your library card’s expiration date.

How many books does the Toronto Public Library have?

Established as the library of the Mechanics’ Institute in 1830, the Toronto Public Library now consists of 100 branch libraries and has over 12 million items in its collection.

Do I need a digital access card to use Toronto Public Library?

If you already have a Toronto Public Library card, you do not need a Digital Access Card. Your existing library card provides you with full access to the Library’s digital resources and services. If your card has expired, you may be eligible to renew your card online . What is a Digital Access Card?

How do I renew my library card in Toronto?

When the 3 or 12 months is over and you would like to renew your card, you must do so in person at any branch. If you are visiting Toronto, you can register for a library card that allows you access to in-library services including computers, print/copy services, and select online resources.

Can you get a Presto card for free from Toronto Public Library?

The Toronto Public Library is now doing more than just lending books for free: they’re giving away free Presto cards. They’re available to anyone who doesn’t already have one, or might face challenges getting one.

Where can you buy a TPL card in Toronto?

Some branches the cards are available at include Jane/Sheppard, Parkdale, Pape/Danforth, Albion, Runnymede, Black Creek, Malvern, Weston and Lillian H. Smith. “TPL branches are located in areas across the city and provide an additional point of access to areas of the city where customers may not have easy access to purchase one,” says French.