Are Easy Steps wide fitting?

Are Easy Steps wide fitting?

What would you recommend for a wide-fitting shoe or a more comfortable style? Our Easy Steps and Active Flex range are a ‘C’ or ‘comfort’ fit. They are designed on wide fitting volumetric lasts for a wider and fuller foot type to ensure maximum comfort.

What brand is easy steps?

Easysteps was one of the first genuinely Australian footwear brands to successfully combine style and comfort into a shoe that women are delighted to wear. For more than 20 years Easysteps have been the perfect choice for women on the go with a combination of outstanding comfort, support and classic styling.

What is comfort fit shoe?

The Comfort fit offers more space at the front of the foot, with no tapering, and a firm grip on the heel. The extra width gives more room for your toes, especially across the flexpoint of the boot or shoe.

What do wide fit shoes mean?

Wide fit shoes are quite simply shoes that have been designed with more available room for the foot. Most often a wide fit shoe will have wider and deeper sections for the toes, as well as more room up around the instep, giving feet of all shapes and sizes the room they need to remain comfortable.

What is C fit shoes?

Comfort Fit (C FIT) Wider than average fit – perfect for a slightly wider foot or anyone seeking a bit more comfort.

What is B fit shoes?

The standard (medium) width for women is B, while the standard width for men is D. Shoe boxes and labels will only identify widths other than standard.

What are the most comfortable high heels to wear?

The 19 most comfortable heels you can actually walk, stand, and dance in

# Brand Best for
1 M.Gemi The Esatto Best overall
2 Valentino Garavani Best luxury
3 Dream Pairs Best value
4 Gianvito Rossi Best designer

Are wide shoes better for your feet?

Wearing shoes that are too narrow for your feet can cause painful foot conditions such as ingrown toenails, Morton’s neuroma, corns, calluses, and metatarsalgia. If you’re experiencing any of these conditions, switching to wide or extra-wide shoes can provide an amazing level of relief and comfort.

Is G fit wide?

G fits are ever so slightly wider than an F fit. It does not represent a great difference in millimetres, but for the customer, it gives them a choice between a shoe that is just that little bit tight and a shoe that is actually very comfortable.

Why choose wide steps shoes?

Crafted from premium leathers and materials, the Wide Steps footwear collection boasts comfort benefits as well as stylish appeal for any event from work to weekend. Explore your destination for wide fit shoes for comfort without compromising on style!

What’s new with Easy Steps shoes?

New Season is here! Celebrate the warmer weather with a new pair of shoes! Discover beautiful styles in super soft leathers and new colours… The C fitting used in all Easy Steps shoes provides just the right amount of extra width to achieve superior comfort.

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