All you need to know about YouTube Vanced

All you need to know about YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a popular mod-version of YouTube and everyone knows about it. It has some amazing features including background playback, built-in ad blocking, dark or black themes, and many more. It is one of the great apps for people who like to use YouTube. The links are available for the non-rooted devices as well as for the rooted device. It depends on your machine that either it is established or non-rooted; the download link is available for both kinds of equipment.

Features of YouTube Vanced

It would be good to know the characteristics of the app before using it. It has various exciting features which are as follows:

  • Override Maximal Resolution
  • Preferred Speed and Resolution
  • Toggle Themes (Black, Dark, White)
  • Block all ads (togglable)
  • Casting Togglable (can be forced off)
  • Pinch to Zoom (for all devices)
  • Background Playback
  • Auto Repeat Feature
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa

YouTube Vanced Downloading Steps

If you are also looking to download the YouTube Vanced, then here are the downloading steps for YouTube Vanced:

  • If you have rooted device, then check out the downloading link on the internet for MicroG downloads. Different versions available, you can select the version as per your mobile type.
  • If you have a non-rooted device, then check out the downloading link on the internet for non-rooted versions. Different versions available and as per the secondary theme, you can select the version or theme as per your mobile type. Try the free YouTube video downloader to download any videos from YouTube easily.

Installation Steps of YouTube Vanced

Once you are done with the download, then you have to install it. Here are the steps for the installation:

  1. Firstly, log in with your YouTube account, and then install the MicroG APK.
  2. Now find the YouTube Vanced APK, and download it.
  3. Click on the install.
  4. After completing the process, you will able to install the APK on your device.
Pros and Cons

Every application has some pros and cons, so it will be good to know about all the pros and cons before using any app.

  • The app is totally safe and secure for all the devices.
  • The YouTube Vanced APK is available for both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • You can easily create a playlist of songs with this APK.

The good sign is that there are no cons of this APK, but some users may face the problem while navigating the UI. If you are a new user then may be in starting, you will encounter some issue, but once you become a regular user of the APK, then it will be easy for you to handle it.


Some so many users prefer YouTube Vanced over YouTube due to its amazing features. It allows you to set the theme as per your choice. You can also block ads in the app. So, download this app and avail all its features.